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Online Registration for Returning Students

All Dickinson ISD families must complete the district's online registration process for returning students from July 28-August 9, 2023. These are students who attended a Dickinson ISD campus at the end of the 2022-2023 school year and will be returning for the 2023-2024 school year.

The online registration process of verifying and updating information and uploading a current proof of residency must be complete by August 9 in order for the student to ride a bus the first week of school. In the past, parents of returning students had to complete online registration but still bring a copy of a current proof of residency to the campus. However, the proof of residency feature is now part of the online registration pro- cess. If for some reason, the parent is unable to upload a proof of residency document, the parent can drop off a copy of the document at the child's school before August 9.

Proof of residency can be a copy of a parent's current lease agreement or mortgage statement, their most recent tax receipt indicating home ownership or a current utility bill (electronic, gas or water) from the past month. This document must be in the name of the parent, guardian, or other person having lawful control of the student. If the parent can't provide one of the documents in his or her name, then the parent must complete the "Parent's/Guardian's Assurance of Bona Fide Residence" packet at the campus.

In order to complete the online registration process, parents must have their login information (user name and password) for Skyward Family Access. If a parent does not have login information, this can be obtained by showing proper identification in the front office at their child’s school. Please make sure you have obtained login information ahead of time so you are not delayed in registering your student online. For parents without access to the Internet, computers and assistance are available at the campuses during designated times to complete the online registration process. Please call the school for specific dates and times when computer assistance is available.

New Student Enrollment

First, welcome to Dickinson ISD. We are excited to have your student join Gator Nation for the 2023-2024 school year. Dickinson ISD has created an exciting new event this school year to allow parents to take care of enrolling all of their new students at one location, regardless of which school the children will attend. Dickinson ISD New Student Centralized Enrollment will take place on Thursday-Friday, August 3-4 at Dickinson High School. From 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Thursday and 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Friday, parents of new Dickinson ISD students are invited to Dickinson High School to complete the enrollment process.

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Opening of third junior high 

The 2023-2024 school year will take off with the opening of the district's third junior high. Dickinson Junior High is located on the most southern end of the district's boundaries on Central Park Boulevard off of FM 2004 in Texas City. Construction of the campus was approved by voters in the 2020 bond referendum. It will serve approximately one-third of the district's students in grades 6-8.

Location: 11611 Central Park Blvd., Texas City, TX 77591

Principal: Temeka Brown

Visit the DJHS webpage for more information!

Am I zoned to DJHS? Click here to view the DISD junior high boundary map.

Grade realignment for 23-24 school year

Dickinson ISD is realigning grade levels for the 2023-2024 school year. This is being coordinated with the opening of Dickinson Junior High and the implementation of full-day pre-kindergarten at all Dickinson ISD elementary campuses. The new alignment will involve moving fourth grade students to middle school and sixth grade students to junior high. With these moves, elementary schools will house pre-kindergarten through third grade, middle schools will offer fourth and fifth grade, and junior highs will include sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students. These moves allow for additional space in the district's elementary schools for full-day pre-kindergarten classes for students meeting the state criteria and alleviates the junior high campuses from overcrowding for more than 10 years according to the district's demographer.

New grade level alignment for 23-24:

Elementary: Pre-k through 3rd grade

Middle: 4-5th grade

Junior High: 6-8th grade

High School: 9-12th grade


Where am I zoned?

Click here to view the DISD boundaries interactive map

Dickinson ISD's newest Gators in pre-kindergarten classes will attend a full-day of school from 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. just like students in the other elementary school grades. Pre-kindergarten is available to students who turn four on or before September 1, 2023 and meet one of the qualifying criteria.

Click here if you are a new to DISD family

Click here if you are a returning DISD family

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The goal of the Dickinson ISD Prekindergarten program is to ensure that prekindergarten students entering kindergarten will be ready to learn and receive a solid foundation of skills needed to be successful in every school year, Pre-K through 12th grade.

Prekindergarten prepares children for kindergarten and beyond.  It teaches students important social, physical, emotional, and thinking skills they need for success. Experts agree that children who attend a high quality early childhood program have better skills in areas such as communication, reading, numeracy, problem solving, and socialization throughout their education.

The Dickinson ISD full day. Prekindergarten Program utilizes a curriculum that addresses all ten domains of the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines, which are listed below:

  1. Social and emotional development
  2. Language and communication
  3. Emergent literacy reading
  4. Emergent literacy writing
  5. Mathematics
  6. Science
  7. Social Studies
  8. Fine Arts
  9. Physical development and health
  10. Technology



All seven elementary campuses in the Dickinson ISD offer prekindergarten programs. 

In late spring of each school year, campuses in the district host Prekindergarten Round Up information sessions and early registration.  Please visit the district website for more information.  Registration information is also communicated through “Gator Bytes” news. 

All students entering the program are assessed with a readiness instrument for the student’s literacy development.  All prekindergarten teachers are certified and have been trained to implement a high-quality prekindergarten program.  A progress monitoring instrument is used at the beginning, middle, and end of the school year to determine student growth.  


Pre-K Guidelines (English)

Pre-K Guidelines (Spanish)


Pre-K Eligibility (English)

Documents needed to register (English)

Documents needed to register (Spanish)


STEAM Academy offered at all 5-8th grade campuses

Except for eighth grade, all students enrolled in the district's STEAM Academy, which is offered in grades 5-8, will attend the program at their home campus. For 2023-2024, eighth grade STEAM students will all attend Kranz Junior High so they can finish the program with their same cohort of students from the past several years. In 2024-2025, all STEAM students, grades 5-8, will attend the program at each student's home campus. Learn more about the STEAM Academy by visiting with webpage.

Click here to view the STEAM Academy webpage

Shorts now allowed at secondary campuses

The Board of Trustees approved adjustments to the dress code for secondary campuses for the 2023-2024 school year. Secondary students (grades 6-12) are now allowed to wear shorts. They must be no shorter than mid-thigh in length with a hem. No cut-off shorts are allowed. Elementary students had previously been able to wear shorts, so this change makes shorts approved for all grade levels.

Bus transportation changes for 23-24 - Bus Stops Consolidated

The Dickinson ISD transportation department is consolidating stops this coming school year to help with run times. This may mean that students will have a different bus stop than last year and a further walk to bus stops. Also, on the middle school and junior high routes, students may need to sit three to a seat and band students will have to carry instruments in their lap in order to carry them on a bus. The district's continually increasing enrollment and the difficulty filling vacant bus driver and monitor positions make this a necessity as the district strives to continue to provide bus service for all students, regardless of how close the student lives to the campus. Dickinson ISD is one of the few districts that still provides bus service for students living within two miles of the campus. 

What's New in Special Education for the 2023-24 School Year?

There are many changes in Dickinson ISD as we open a new junior high campus and change grade bands on all of our pre-K-8 campuses. We would like to take this opportunity to share some exciting developments regarding our special education programs. To view the Special Education homepage, click here! 

What changes did we make? We have eliminated the acronym names for our special education programs.

Individualized Education Plans (IEP) Focus: In line with our mission to personalize education, we are placing a greater emphasis on developing and implementing Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). Our team of dedicated special education teachers and staff will work closely with you and your child to create a tailored IEP that addresses their specific strengths and challenges, ensuring they receive the appropriate support and accommodations to reach their full potential.


Our new framework includes the following components:

  1. ECSE - Early Childhood Special Education - (ages 3-5) These services are provided to enable students to learn school ready skills. We have a range of instructional delivery options, including half-day programming for students who are 3 years old and a full day program that mirrors the pre-k full day program for children who turn 4 years old on or before 9/1. Level of support (LOS) is determined by the data from ECI, the FIE, and parent input with a focus on school ready skills.  Previously called PPCD, SEAS, SANDS.
  2. ICS -In Class Support (PK-12th grade) - These services are provided by special education staff in the general education setting. Special education staff can provide both external supports (provided materials, creating supplemental aids or other tools for the student to use in class) or by going into the class to provide support. Based on level of need determined by the ARD committee.  Level of support (LOS) is determined by data with an academic focus on instructional skills.  Previously called inclusion.
  3. BTC -Behavior Teaching Continuum (PK-12th grade) These services are provided by the Behavior Team to address BIP needs through coaching, social skills, and pull-out support based on level of need determined by the ARD committee.  Level of support (LOS) is determined by data with a behavioral focus on prosocial skills.  Previously BLP, ABCD.
  4. P/O -Pull Out Services (3 years -18+ years) These services are provided in a special education setting - students are pulled out of general education, for specific targeted instruction that could include one or more of the following: dyslexia, reading, writing, math, related services, modified, alternative or life skills based on level of need determined by the ARD committee.  Level of support (LOS) is determined by data with an academic and/or functional focus on targeted and/or prerequisite skills.   Previously RISE, SAILS, WAVE, TIDES, SEALS
  5. Medical/Fragile -Centralized Support (3 years -18+ years) - These services are provided in a specialized self-contained setting located at certain campuses centralized within the district.  The class has a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) to support medical and/or fragile needs for alternative and life skills based on level of need determined by the ARD committee.  Level of support (LOS) is determined by data with a focus on alternative academics, assisted life skills, and self-care. Previously TIDES


Each component has a level of support associated with it that is determined by reviewing the data and in discussion with the ARD committee.


What is staying the same?


The names are changing but the full continuum of services for students receiving special education will remain the same. The changes we are implementing are aimed at enhancing the overall educational experience for all students, including those enrolled in our special education programs. We believe in providing a supportive and inclusive learning environment that also takes into account the diverse needs of each individual.


Every student who receives special education services will still have an IEP.  Our team of dedicated special education teachers and staff will continue to develop and implement Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) for every student requiring specialized support. These IEPs will be tailored to meet your child's unique strengths and challenges, ensuring they receive the necessary and appropriate accommodations and interventions to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.


Inclusion!  We are proud of our inclusive classroom practices, which will continue to foster a sense of belonging for all students. In these classrooms, each child's abilities and contributions are valued and celebrated. Our teachers will continue to receive ongoing training to ensure they are equipped to create an inclusive and engaging learning environment. 


Request for Parent Support!  We value your input and encourage you to be active participants in your child's education. Regular parent-teacher communication is expected to keep you informed about your child's progress and any changes in the curriculum or support services. We are also committed to maintaining open and effective communication with parents and guardians.


Our goal is to create an educational community where every student can reach their full potential. By keeping the continuum of services intact while introducing improvements to our special education programs, we are working towards providing an even more enriching experience for your child.


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First day of school is August 22

Transition Day is August 21


Students entering pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and grades 4, 5, 6, 7, and 9 will have the opportunity to get ready for the 2023- 2024 school year and a new campus by participating in the district's new Transition Day. On Monday, August 21, students entering these grades will be treated to a special day to become acquainted with their new campus, teachers, schedules and school procedures before the return of all students and the official start of the school year on Tuesday, August 22.

Dickinson ISD hopes that providing this day focused on these grade levels will help ease the fear and anxiety students sometimes experience when moving into a new set of grade levels at a different campus. By having these students start a day earlier, campus administrators and teachers will have dedicated time to help the students adjust to the campus and answer questions before other grade levels return.The schedule for the day will run like a normal school day with buses picking up and dropping off students and breakfast and lunch meals in the school cafeteria. Campuses are busy customizing Transition Day plans to meet the needs of their campus students. Par- ents and students will receive more information about Transition Day in August before the start of the 2023-2024 school year.

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