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Welcome to the Dickinson ISD

Gator Wellness Center


Gator Wellness is a holistic approach dedicated to the mental and emotional wellness of students, families, and staff. 

Through Gator Wellness, we focus on

  • social emotional learning
  • character education
  • resiliency
  • relationship building
  • preventative education
  • trauma informed practices
  • overall wellness

The Gator Wellness Center is located at McAdams Junior High.

Gator Wellness is a proactive approach that is implemented from birth on and is a part of our everyday environment.  The Social Emotional Learning framework supports early childhood, students, staff, families and the community.  The overall vision for the program is "Wellness."  Dickinson ISD is committed to the mental health awareness, education, and families of our students.


Through Gator Wellness, we focus on:

  • social emotional learning
  • character education
  • resiliency
  • relationship building
  • preventative education
  • trauma informed practices, and
  • overall wellness.

Dickinson ISD’s professional school counselors, licensed professional counselors (LPC) and licensed specialists in school psychology (LSSP) are implementing a three-tiered Mental Health Wellness Support System that includes:

Tier One - Proactive /Preventative Support and Resources

  • Character Education
  • Self-wellness/care
  • Counseling and mental health online resources
  • Restorative Practices

    Tier Two - Mental Health First Aid 

  • P3 Campus Reporting System
  • Gator Calling Center
  • Statewide Mental Health Support Line
  • Gaggle software for district devices

    Tier Three - Crisis Response  

  • Crisis Response team
  • Response protocols
  • NOVA (National Organization for Victim Assistance) process

P3 Campus allows students and families to report a wide range of concerns, from mental health situations to threats of violence.  This system allows the reporter to be anonymous but gives the opportunity to identify if they choose.  P3 campus can be for yourself, peers or family members.  Please download the mobile app through the App Store on your device or access the direct link from any Dickinson ISD campus website.


Beginning in 2018-19, as a result of Hurricane Harvey, DISD applied for and was granted a ReBuild Texas Fund Grant in excess of $1 million dollars.   We used these funds to hire an SEL specialist and a licensed professional counselor (LPC) as well as providing an extensive and comprehensive capacity building professional development program for our campus counselors and other staff. 


Under the leadership of Mrs. Voelkel, DISD committed to continuing the SEL framework. Our framework is designed to help our Dickinson community gain the ability to holistically address the mental and emotional needs of our students. We help students, parents, teachers and staff in building resiliency skills for dealing with future traumas. We have received ongoing technical assistance from Mental Health America and work in close partnership with Galveston County Family Service Center.

We have developed a team that will help implement programs and become trainer of trainers so that the program is sustained. 

Some of these trainings and or programs include:

  • Character Strong,
  • Second Step,
  • Superheroes Social Skills,
  • Emotional Backpack Project,
  • Journey for Hope,
  • Niroga Dynamic Mindfulness,
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid,
  • Equity Cultural Responsiveness,
  • Calm Crusaders (anxiety group),
  • Crisis Prevention Institute,
  • Emotional Poverty, and
  • many others. 

Through our collaborative partnerships we will be able to:

  • Offer professional development sessions and coaching to area early childhood centers,
  • Develop a comprehensive counseling model,
  • Provide parent and community engagement events,
  • Provide parenting help, and 
  • Provide trauma and grief support.  
If you are interested in becoming a Community Mental Health Partner with Dickinson ISD, please contact Amy Cmaidalka at 281-229-7662.

Through our collaborative partnerships Dickinson ISD is able to provide evidence based interventions, preventative programming, and system supports that meet the individual social, emotional, and behavioral needs of our students, staff and community.

Dickinson ISD is thankful for the five Family Service Center therapists that are housed on our campuses.  For more information on Family Service Center, please check out their website.  

To refer your child for counseling services, please contact your campus school counselor.  Family Service Center services all of Dickinson ISD.  

Below are the Dickinson Family Service Center therapists.

Family Service Center Therapist

Located at Calder Rd.

My name is Kelli Toler. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate for the state of Texas. I hold a bachelor’s degree in behavioral science from the University of Houston- Clear Lake and a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Capella University. I have been with Family Service Center since February of 2022. I provide individual and family counseling under the Family and Youth Success (Fays) Program. Prior to beginning with Family Service Center, I worked at a private practice where I was counseling individuals, families, and couples.

I am so excited to be working in Calder Road Elementary! My therapeutic approach is trauma informed and combines CBT, family therapy, and play therapy in a way that allows me to connect with the client by meeting them where they are. Some of the things addressed in counseling include anxiety, family conflict, grief, self-esteem, or learning about healthy emotional expression, just to name a few. I believe creating a sense of safety and acceptance is vital to the therapeutic process. Please reach out if you want more information.   

Family Service Center Therapist

Located at McAdams Junior High

Howdy! My name is Christopher Boulé and I am the new Family Service Center Therapist here at McAdams JHS.  I am very excited to be joining this team and getting to work with the students and families here.  I have been a counselor since 2011 in several different schools and residential treatment settings.  I’m a Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of 2007 and got my Masters in counseling from UHCL.  I’m married, have six kiddos and two dogs.  I really love counseling and the way it can help students build positive skills, so that they can reach their full potential.  If you want to chat more, feel free to stop by the counseling suite.  See you around!

Team Lead

Located at Family Service Center Main Office

Greetings Gator Family! My name is Candi Gonzalez.  I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker from Family Service Center.  I am the Family and Youth Success (FAYS) therapist for Kranz Junior High. My goal is to support students to meet their personal challenges in a healthy and productive way. I have been a counselor since 2017 working in the school setting with students from elementary to high school. I received my Bachelors and Masters in Social Work from the University of Houston (Go Coogs!). I am trained in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools (CBITS). When out of office, I enjoy spending time with my daughter and exploring this great city of ours. I appreciate the welcome given by the students, parents and staff of Kranz JH, and I look forward to continuing to work alongside all of you in the coming school year.

Program Director

Located at Family Service Center's Main Office

My name is Yenys Juarez, Licensed Professional Counselor and I am the new Bilingual Family Service Center Therapist at Dickinson High School. I am truly delighted to start this journey with students, parents and staff! I’ve been a counselor since 2018 and have experience counseling with all age groups. I’m a certified Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral therapist and have extensive background working with trauma. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, I love traveling and immersing myself into new cultures and food. I look forward to working with you!

Family Service Center Therapist

Located at Kranz Junior High

Greetings! My name is Mary Travis and will be the new Family and Youth Success (FAYS) therapist for Kranz Junior High. I am so excited to be working with the kids and families within Dickinson ISD this year! I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Masters in Counseling from Brandman University. I began my clinical journey in 2019 working with foster kiddos and foster families. I am professionally trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) as well as Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT).  I have one adorable son and one adorable yet mischievous dog. My goal is to provide support and help kids to navigate the difficulties associated with being a junior high student. I am a PROUD Veteran, having served ten years in the United States Navy. In my off time I love hanging out with the family and practicing my own self-care. I look forward to working with everyone!

Communities In Schools – Bay Area (CIS-Bay Area) is a nationally recognized, nonprofit, drop- out prevention organization dedicated to helping at- risk youth in Bay Area Houston stay in school and successfully learn in order to become productive future citizens. We believe every child needs and deserves:

 A personal one on one relationship with a caring adult

 A safe place to learn and grow

 A healthy start and a healthy future

 A marketable skill to use upon graduation

 A chance to give back to peers and the community 

Dickinson ISD has a CIS student support specialist on every campus.   To learn more about Communities in Schools, please visit their website.  

TCHATT is a school-based telemedicine service that will provide FREE access to behavioral health services for students.

Advantages of TCHATT:

Free – Visits are offered at no cost to the school district or student
Fast – Limited wait time between referral and initial evaluation of the student
Evidence-based treatment – Medication and/or therapy services are available
Convenient – Visits are conducted at the school decreasing the amount of time families are away from work and students are away from school to attend appointments
Secure – Health information shared over a secure telemedicine network
Community oriented – UTMB will help connect students to local mental health resources

For a referral to TCHATT services, please contact your child's school counselor.  

You can find out more about services through UTMB on their website

The Advocacy Center for Children of Galveston County presents a Child Safety Program yearly in Dickinson ISD. This Program empowers children to have a voice in an effort to help prevent them from becoming a victim of abuse, identify safe adults, and teach them about overall personal safety. Texas Education Code states that schools provide child abuse anti-victimization programs.  To read the Education Code:


Our very friendly Happy Bear comes to visit schools with an instructor and together they teach a personal safety curriculum called P.S. It’s My Body!  In this curriculum, children beginning at preschool age and used most often until 1st grade, are taught about welcome and unwelcome touches, saying No!, moving away and telling a trusted adult and they identify who these people are in their lives!


For the children in 1st Grade-7th Grade, we utilize the Play it Safe!® is a child abuse awareness and prevention program that incorporates age-appropriate scripts and movies to teach children how to reduce their risk of sexual and physical abuse, and sexual assault. It teaches them to recognize potentially abusive behavior, provides the tools to respond to threatening situations, and encourages them to report abuse to a trusted adult.

Play it Safe!® is an evidence-informed, age-appropriate risk reduction program for Pre-K through high school age students. Since 1983, more than 1.5 million children in north Texas have learned about personal safety from The Women’s Center’s Play it Safe!® program. Each grade level’s interactive curriculum speaks to children in a way that they can best learn and respond.

To find out more information about the Advocacy Center for Children of Galveston County please visit their website.

If you were unable to attend the presentation,  here is the recording.

2021-2022 Child Body Safety Presentation

If you do not want your child to participate in the program, please contact the school counselor for an opt out form.

Dickinson ISD partners with Project Protect Our Children to provide preventative educational programs and awareness trainings to students and staff.  

For more information about Project Protect Our Children please visit their website.

83rd Texas Legislature passed House Bill 1272 Texas Human Trafficking Prevention Task Force (Task Force) in coordination with TEA are charged to develop a list of key indicators that a person is a victim of human trafficking, develop a standardized curriculum and train school personnel to identify and assist victims of human trafficking.

Find More Information:

TEA: Human Trafficking of School-Age Children
Texas Attorney General: Human Trafficking
Texas School Safety Center: A Guide for Texas Education Professionals
Human Trafficking Power and Control Wheel (developed by Polaris)
US Dept of Justice Human Trafficking Information Page
National Center on Safe Supportive Learning EnvironmentsHuman Trafficking in American's Schools
National Missing and Exploited Youth- Human Trafficking

parent protect

If you do not want your child to participate in the program, please see the school counselor for an opt out form. 

The Bay Area Council on Drugs and Alcohol (BACODA) provides Dickinson ISD students substance abuse prevention programming.  For more information about BACODA, please visit their website.

Below are the three prevention specialists housed on Dickinson ISD campuses.

Mary Valsin (aka Ms. V) is a Prevention Specialist for Bay Area Council on Drugs and Alcohol (BACODA). She received her education at the University of Houston-Clear Lake with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Behavioral Science.

Her passion is helping students of all ages to identify the risk(s) of using alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

She plans and implements a Prevention Program, using the Positive Action Curriculum.  This program encourages young people to maintain a healthy drug-free lifestyle while encouraging them to stay safe, focused and guides them towards healthy decision making. 

Ms. V. as she is affectionately known is proud to announce that she has been providing services to students and staff in the Dickinson Independent School District for 5 ½ years. She has been in the field of Prevention for 8 ½ years.

Toya Jones, AA, CPS, CHW is a Certified Prevention Specialist for Bay Area Council on Drugs and Alcohol (BACODA).  She is also a Certified Community Health Worker.

Her goal is to continue to reach out to as many students as possible making them more aware of the harmful effects of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.

She provides youth selected prevention services that promote a proactive process to address health and wellness for youth, families, and communities by enhancing protective factors that increase knowledge, skills, and attitudes for making healthy choices. 

Ms. Jones is very proud of being in the Prevention Field for nearly 30 years of which ten (10) plus years have been spent on the campus of Dunbar Middle School.

Michelle Pettiett is a Prevention Specialist with Bay Area Council on Drugs and Alcohol (BACODA). She has over 8 years working in the ATOD prevention field. She started working in prevention as a YPU. She later developed additional skills working as a YPS. Currently she provides prevention service on a YPI level in DISD. She is housed at the 9th Grade Center but will provide services to DHS as well as DALC. 

Michelle brings to this position a willingness to help and offer support to students in need. She has an unwavering goal to help bring the best out of students while helping students visualize their dream’s ability to come true with hard work and perseverance. 

Michelle holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from University of Clear Lake. She also is a Certified Mediator. 

The Gulf Coast Center is our local mental health authority for Galveston County.  For more information on what the Gulf Coast Center offers, please visit their website.


The Gulf Coast Center has a 24-Hour Crisis Hotline: 866-729-3848.  Their mental health services include a 24-hour crisis hotline, emergency and stabilization services, inpatient and outpatient psychiatric care, counseling, and skills and education training.  They serve adults, children, and adolescents.

The Resource Crisis Center offers a series of presentations and activities to Dickinson ISD to raise awareness, educate on the dynamics of domestic violence and sexual assault, and change social norms.  

Youth Programs

Healthy Relationships (45 minutes, ages 8-18): Learn the components of healthy relationships in your life along with setting personal boundaries.

Teen Dating Violence (Four 1-hour sessions, ages 14-18)A series that focuses on healthy relationships, building self esteem, and prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault within dating relationships.

24-HOUR HOTLINE: 888-919-SAFE (7233)

To find out more about the Resource Crisis Center's presentations or services, please visit their website.

Dickinson ISD partners with DePelchin's Positive Parenting Program to provide a series of parenting workshops throughout the year.  

ParentingHelp is a FREE program that gives parents the tools and support to influence good behavior in their children and prevent future problems from happening. We don’t tell you how to be a parent. Instead, we offer simple and proven ideas to help you deal with problem behavior, making raising your children easier and your whole family happier.

Help AVailable

If you have a child between the ages of 0-17 years old and are feeling overwhelmed or concerned about your child’s behavior, ParentingHelp can assist.  To learn more about this program and to register, call (713) 802-7777. 

For more information about the Positive Parenting Program please visit their website.
For more information about DePelchin visit their website.

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We are currently working on a series of videos to explain each of the areas listed below.    Please stay tuned!

The Gator Wellness Center resources are located in the Destiny Online Catalog

If you are interested in checking out resources, please contact the Gator Wellness Center at 281-229-6005. 

The Gator Wellness Center supports students, families, and staff on a variety of topics.

  Please click on the links below to learn more. 


Dickinson ISD is dedicated to supporting all students.  Below are some ways that we can support our Military Families.  For additional support, please contact the Gator Wellness Center at 281-229-6005 or You can also reach out to your campus Professional School Counselor. Counselors are the campus-based military liaison.   

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To check out resources please visit the Gator Wellness Center Library

Below Highlights some of the Resources Available 

Elementary Resources

Below are pictures of the materials in our Elementary Military Connectedness Gator CORE (Campuses Offering Resilience in Education) Kit.  These kits are designed for campus counselors to check out to work with students in small group.  

Secondary Resources

Below are pictures of the materials in our Secondary Military Connectedness Gator CORE (Campuses Offering Resilience in Education) Kit.  These kits are designed for campus counselors to check out to work with students in small group.  

Gator Wellness Center Special Programs Family Resources


Assistive Technology

Dyslexia Services


Adapted PE

Counseling as a related service

Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Psychological Services

Autism and Developmental Disabilities

Behavior Teaching Continuum

Special Olympics

Transition Services

Instructional Services

Inclusion Support

Intensive Instruction



Substance Abuse Prevention Resources & Supports

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The Gator Wellness Center offers a variety of trainings to school staff and the community including:


Youth Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid

Psychological First Aid - Schools

As+K to Save a Life (Suicide Prevention)

Trauma Informed Care

Emotional Backpack Project


To participate in any of these trainings, or to schedule a training at your location, please reach out to Amy Cmaidalka at 281-229-7662.

Amy Cmaidalka is the Social Emotional Learning Specialist for Dickinson ISD. She has been in education for 18 years.  Amy taught Kindergarten for 7 years , was a Professional School Counselor for 8 years and this is her third year as the SEL Specialist.  Prior to her current position, Amy was the Lead Counselor for Elementary through Middle school and the Lead Section 504 Coordinator for the district.  Amy earned her Master’s and Bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston-Clear Lake.  Amy is a trainer for Youth Mental Health First Aid,  Mental Health First Aid, As+K About Suicide to Save a Life, Trauma Informed Care, and a STARR Certified Trauma & Resilience Practitioner.   She is certified in Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM), certified in National Organization of Victim’s Assistance (NOVA) and a member of the Red Cross Disaster Mental Health Team.  Amy was the recipient of the 2018 Walter Kase Educator Excellence Award presented by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for exemplary programming that promotes awareness and appreciation of diversity. She is passionate about advocating for professional school counselors, mental health awareness, trauma informed care and self-wellness.  Amy is implementing a Gator Wellness Initiative for Dickinson ISD.  This initiative is a social emotional learning model that will focus on early childhood, students, staff, and community utilizing a grant awarded from the Rebuild Texas Fund.  Amy enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter and family.  She is a Dickinson ISD graduate and is looking forward to programs that bring enrichment and social emotional learning into our gator community. 

Amy Cmaidalka, M.Ed, CTP-E

Social Emotional Learning Specialist

Phone:  281-229-7662


Amy is a Certified School Counselor as well as a Certified Trauma & Resilience Practitioner-Educator. She provides overall supervision and oversight for our Gator Wellness program.

Hello, my name is Lindsay Shelton and I will be one of the Licensed Professional Counselors in Dickinson ISD!

I graduated from University of Houston Clear Lake in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I then went onto Lamar University and graduated in 2018 with a Master of Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. 

Since 2017, I have worked in the mental health field and continue to find passion in it. I began this journey after having worked with individuals experiencing crises and found an opportunity to reach youth to try to prevent crisis episodes. In 2019, I began work as a Licensed Professional Counselor - Associate in a private practice to complete the required hours. I completed these requirements in December 2021 and upgraded my license. I continue to work in the private practice. Also in 2019, I began to work in the school system as a Special Education Teacher and Case Manager. I have experience working with students in various settings from self-contained to general education.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband, our three dogs and cat. I enjoy watching baseball, reading, and doing home improvement projects. My husband and I enjoy traveling and engaging in new experiences. 

I am very excited to start this school year with Dickinson 

Hi everyone, I am Kendall Grimm, Licensed Professional Counselor-Associate. I graduated from the University of Houston with a B.S. in Psychology in 2019. I then went on to graduate with a master's degree in Forensic Psychology from the University of Houston- Victoria in 2021. 

I was a Special Education teacher for 3 years by day and a mental health counselor at a private practice in the evenings. I was recently given the opportunity by Dickinson ISD to pursue my passion of making Counseling and Social Emotional Learning accessible to those who need it full-time!

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my fiancé and our 2 dogs. We love going out on our boat and spending time in the sun. I love good food, good books, and time with the people I love!  

I am so excited to work with the students and staff of Dickinson ISD! Go Gators! 

A positive, safe and supportive school climate fosters safety; promotes a supportive academic, disciplinary, and physical environment; and encourages and maintains respectful, trusting, and caring relationships throughout the school community.  Creating a positive, safe and supportive school environment requires schools to identify a framework for understanding school climate, measure the climate to identify areas for improvement, and develop a strategy to implement improvements. Positive school climates improve student achievement, teacher retention, and mental health, among other beneficial outcomes.

The Gator Wellness Center supports and collaborates with the resources below to build a positive, safe and supportive program.

safe and supportive

P3 Campus allows students and families to report a wide range of concerns, from mental health situations to threats of violence.  This system allows the reporter to be anonymous but gives the opportunity to identify if they choose.  P3 campus can be for yourself, peers or family members.  Please download the mobile app through the App Store on your device or access the direct link from any Dickinson ISD campus website.

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The Gator Wellness Center hosts monthly family engagement opportunities.  If there is a topic that you would like to learn more about, please email the request to  


CLICK HERE or scan the QR code to register

              Available for Caregivers in English and Spanish


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DePelchin is offering Parenting Sessions & Support

For the Nightmare Before the Winter Break: 

Upcoming face to face Parent Café December 6,2021 at Moody Early Childhood Center from 4PM-6PM.
*All those who register and attend café will be entered in a $50 Visa gift card Drawing.
Please use link below to register (Please note deadline to register is Friday December 3,2021)


To learn more please check out their Facebook page: Galveston County Parenting Help

To Register for UTMB TCHATT's Mental Health Education for Caregivers and Community Members, please click HERE

If you are unable to attend, please register and UTMB will email you the recording.  

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