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COVID-19 Announcement:

Face to Face testing has resumed! Students will follow the campus procedure for COVID screening. Evaluators will also follow a COVID screening procedure and will have additional personal protective equipment and are taking extra cleaning and disinfection procedures.

Philosophy:   In accordance with federal and state guidelines, DISD provides a full range of academic, behavioral, emotional and related evaluation services. Evaluations are conducted by qualified staff using the most current, appropriate norm and criterion referenced assessment instruments.  DISD assessment staff assist campus with referrals. DISD assessment staff can evaluate for dyslexia, 504 evaluations, and conduct full individual evaluations (FIE) for special education eligibility determination.  
Goals:   To provide a comprehensive, timely, and relevant written report of an evaluation that addresses the referral question as well as subsequent evaluation issue discovered during the evaluation and that will assist the parents and instructional team in planning for the student’s educational needs. To maintain a high level of professional development in all required continuing education categories.

Team leader profile

Stacy Davila (281-229-6095) has been in Dickinson ISD for 20 years as a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology. She took on the role of the lead in 2020. Stacy Davila graduated from the UHCL with a Masters Degree in Specialist in School Psychology. 

The DISD Assessment team consists of 5 Educational Diagnosticians (2 of which are bilingual), 4 Licensed specialists in School Psychology, and 4 LSSP interns (2 of which are bilingual). The team assists all evaluations for students suspected of having a disability or in need of a reevaluation for special education services, other than students who are only suspected of having a speech impairment. We currently have 2 open positions.

Assessment Staff Members: 

Stacy Davila 281-229-6094

Mary Gonzales 281-229-6923

Christine Ledwell 281-229-6036

Crystal Speer 281-229-7571

Amber Wallace 281-229-6097  

Kelly Schultz 281-229-6090

Joseph Hicks 281-229-7922

Samantha Christmon 281-229-6038

Yasiry Lerma 281-229-7919

Bianca Watkins, Ph.D 281-229-7921

Bianca Garcia Flores 281-229-6242

Madalyn Meier 281-229-7920

Elizabeth Crump 281-229-6028

Gloria Gomez, Ed.D. 281-229-6091

Bilingual Assessment Staff Support Clerk:

Esther Smith 281-229-6092

Process:   All initial referrals to the assessment team are via the campus referral team. Students participate in the Student Intervention Team and, when appropriate, a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) or response to intervention (RTI) process prior to a referral. The referral team determines the referral question (and thus, the nature of the evaluation, e.g. whether it is a dyslexia evaluation or a Full Individual Evaluation for special education) and forwards it to the assessment department.  An assessment team leader (ATL) is assigned – this can be either an LSSP, SLP or diagnostician.  While dyslexia and 504 evaluations are conducted primarily by a sole evaluator with input from teachers, all FIEs are conducted by a multi-disciplinary team (to include general and special education teachers and other relevant related service providers, such as an OT, or nurse).
DISD assessment staff maintain the highest standards in ongoing professional development requirements.  Staff regularly attend professional development focused on evaluation techniques, interpretation methodology, report writing and implementation strategy. During the past few years, DISD has collaborated with Santa Fe ISD, Friendswood ISD, and Alvin ISD to bring in the following state and national experts:
  • Paula Roalson (topic: Legal update)
  • Dr. Anise Flowers (topic: Assessment Instruments)
  • Nancy King (topics: Autism, CHAMPS, and Reading Instruction)
  • Dr. Marilyn Montiero (topic: Autism Evaluation)
  • Brian Mendler (topic: Behavior Intervention)
  • Dr. Gail Cheramie, Director of the School Psychology Program (retired), UHCL (topics:  LD,  ID, Cross Battery 3, Autism Evaluations)
  • Dr. Donna Smith (topics: Written Language, Math, and Reading Assessment)
  • Dr. Criselda Alvarado (topics: ELL language acquisition and bilingual dyslexia evaluation  )
  • Dr. Tom Kubizyn (topic:  psychopharmacological medications and instructional implications)
  • David Hodgins (topic: Legal update)
  • Dr. Penny Koepsel (topics: Conners’ 3, Comprehensive Behavioral Evaluation Scale, and ARES)
  • Dr. Dan Miller (topic: NEPSY 2)
  • Donna Black (topics: Ethics and Cultural Diversity)
  • Dr. Carol Booth (topics: Trauma, Behavior Evaluations for Young Students)
  • Brenda Taylor (topics: Dyslexia and Dysgraphia)
  • Wendy Clark (topics: Dyslexia and Dysgraphia)
The mission of the Dickinson Independent School District is to ensure that all students have safe and successful learning opportunities that help them reach their full potential and add quality throughout their lives. 

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