Dickinson ISD Board of Trustees - Code of Conduct

I realize that to be the most effective advocate for children we, as a board, must function as a team. To this end, I pledge to adhere to the principles listed below. Should I, for whatever reason, fail to follow these guidelines, I ask my fellow board members to call it to my attention. When that happens, I pledge to accept the feedback in a constructive manner without anger or finger pointing, and to renew my efforts to follow this code of conduct.

1. I will deal with issues and not personalities.

2. I will respect the views of other board members

3. I reserve the right to disagree, but I will not be disagreeable. Nor will I harbor grudges against other board members from past issues or events.

4. I will treat other board members and school employees in a professional manner.

5. I will fully discuss and share information on board issues and will not blindside the administration or the board.

6. I will respect the confidentiality of executive sessions and any privileged information shared with me by a board member or the superintendent.

7. I will seek to inform and include all board members in my discussion of issues.

8. I will always hold the interests of students above those of individuals or special interest groups.

9. I will not seek to align a majority vote of board members on an issue outside the regular board meeting.

http://schools.dickinsonisd.org/page/10. I will seek to continually improve my knowledge, skills and abilities as a board member.

11. When I learn of an error I have made, I will report the error to the board.

12. I will attend and be prepared for all board meetings.

Adopted December 1999
Revised June 2000
The mission of the Dickinson Independent School District is to ensure that all students have safe and successful learning opportunities that help them reach their full potential and add quality throughout their lives. 

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