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Dickinson ISD will equip and empower all learners with skills and experiences to achieve academic excellence and make meaningful contributions to our world.


Inclusive of all, Dickinson ISD will cultivate excellence, producing confident, collaborative, goal-driven learners who become empowered citizens in a global society.




  • Recognizing and accepting the individual differences of others creates a safe and equitable environment where all can thrive.
  • Developing character values is vital to success throughout life. 
  • Perseverance, passion, resilience, and courage are essential for realizing one’s full potential.
  • Establishing and nurturing a culture of integrity through intentional leadership cultivates self-control, honesty, accountability, and responsibility.
  • Providing a safe and secure environment cultivates feelings of physical, emotional, and social safety which ensures the optimal opportunity for a successful educational experience. 
  • High expectations for students, educators, parents, and community are the foundation for a healthy learning environment, promoting academic and personal achievement.
  • Providing rigorous and engaging learning experiences creates critical thinkers and innovative problem solvers.
  • Developing strong, respectful, and trusting relationships is foundational for success.
  • A wide range of experiences in school and beyond develops a well-rounded individual. 
  • Interpersonal skills are essential to thrive in the classroom, workplace, and global society.
  • An engaged and collaborative community creates an enriching environment for student development and achievement, which benefits all.
  • Developing leadership capacity in all staff and students will allow them to compete in a global society.
  • Mental health is a core component of a healthy person, and as a school district, it is our responsibility to teach and model healthy coping mechanisms and provide mental health services when students or staff need them.
  • When we recognize and address challenges by providing opportunities and supports needed to overcome barriers, all members of the learning community will thrive.




Goal 1: DISD will provide effective teaching and learning experiences for all students that will result in continuous success.


  • Develop and implement effective Professional Learning Communities on all campuses in all grade levels
  • Provide curriculum that is strategically aligned and focused on essential standards
  • Develop a comprehensive assessment plan 
  • Implement best practices to ensure quality instruction



Goal 2: DISD will provide a physically and emotionally safe, healthy, and equitable environment.

  • Expand the safety program to incorporate best practices and move beyond compliance
  • Foster students’ emotional safety through the development of positive relationships and school culture/climate
  • Enhance students’ physical health through instruction and district health services
  • Support the emotional health of students and staff through coordinated/streamlined services
  • Establish an advisory council to advocate for an equitable environment for all



Goal 3: DISD will make family and community partnerships a priority.

  • Provide parents access to various community resources
  • Expand the partnerships with local businesses and churches to support schools with various campus needs
  • Expand partnerships with area community colleges
  • Equip families with tools to enhance and extend learning at home


Goal 4: DISD will recruit, develop, and retain a diverse and effective staff committed to personal and professional growth focusing on student success.


  • Develop and maintain a recruitment pipeline with multiple sources to provide the district with diverse and qualified candidates to meet the staffing needs of the district
  • Provide high quality, job embedded professional development for all staff, which results in increased productivity and employee satisfaction
  • Provide all staff with a package of benefits and services that addresses personal and professional needs



Goal 5: DISD will provide operational services to support the success of student learning.


  • Build and maintain infrastructure connectivity for the district
  • Utilize district funds and resources in a fiscally responsible manner
  • Provide a safe, clean, and comfortable environment
  • Provide a foundation for the instructional day through food and nutrition services and transportation
  • Create safe educational spaces that promote effective teaching and learning





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The mission of the Dickinson Independent School District is to ensure that all students have safe and successful learning opportunities that help them reach their full potential and add quality throughout their lives. 

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