Communicable Diseases


The school nurse or principal shall report to the local health authority those children attending school who are suspected of having a reportable disease or condition, as defined by state law and the Texas Board of Health. If there is no local health authority appointed or if the District is outside the jurisdiction of a local health authority, the report shall be made to the regional director.
25 TAC 97.2 (B), 97.4: Health and Safety Code 81.041, 81.042


The principal shall exclude from attendance any student suffering from a reportable disease, as defined by the Texas Board of Health, until one of the criteria for readmittance is fulfilled. 25 TAC 97.5 (A), 97.4





Students excluded for reason of communicable disease shall be readmitted by one or more of the following methods, as determined by the local health authority:

1. Certificate of the attending physician attesting to their recovery and noninfectiousness.
2. Permit for readmission issued by the local health authority.
3. After a period of time corresponding to the duration of the communicability of the disease.

Unless otherwise provided below, a student with a chronic reportable disease (Hansen's disease, viral hepatitis type B, AIDS or HIV infection) shall be allowed to attend school in his or her usual instructional setting with the approval of his or her doctor. The District employee responsible for the school health program shall function as the liaison with the student's doctor and be the coordinator of services provided by the other staff.
 CONFIDENTIALITY Only those persons with a direct need to know, such as the principal, school nurse, or other person responsible for the school health program, shall be informed of the condition of the student who has a chronic reportable disease.
However, the parents of a minor student or an adult student may give written authorization specifying other persons or positions to whom such information may be released. District personnel who have such knowledge shall be provided with information concerning any precautions that may be necessary and shall be advised of confidentiality requirements.

The District medical advisor and the local health authority, in consultation with the person responsible for the school health program and the student's doctor, shall determine whether a significant risk of transmitting a chronic reportable disease exists. If it is determined that a significant risk of transmission exists, the student may be temporarily removed from the classroom until one of the following events occurs:

1. An appropriate school program adjustment is made.
2. An appropriate alternative or special education program is established.
3. The local health authority determines that the significant risk has abated and the student can return to class.

Infected students who are determined to lack control of bodily fluids or who display behavior determined to be a risk to others, infected students who have skin lesions which cannot be properly covered, require a more restricted environment and shall be removed from the classroom. The above determinations will be made on a case-by-case basis by a team of educational and health professionals appointed by the Superintendent or an Admissions, Review and Dismissal Committee, whichever is appropriate.

The determination of whether an infected student who is not restricted pursuant to section above shall be permitted to attend classes or participate in school activities with other students shall be made on a case-by-case basis by a team of education and health professionals or an Admission, Review and Dismissal committee, whichever is appropriate. The team or committee shall determine at what intervals an infected student who is attending classes unrestricted shall be reviewed purposes of determining the degree of risk to the student or others.
Determination made pursuant to both sections above shall be based on reasonable medical judgments given the state of medical knowledge about (a) the nature of the risk (how the disease is trans
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