Educational Technology with Claudia Valastro
Create Unlimited Mind Maps with MindMup!
Create unlimited mind maps for free, and store them in the cloud. Your . . .
Flashcard Google Template
Use Flashcard Template for Repeated Learning
We all know that drill and kill is a thing of the past, but learning . . .
Gzaas - Full Screen Messages!
Gzaas! Lets You Create Full Screen Messages for Students
Have you ever needed a quick, attention-grabbing message for your students? . . .
Specialist Creates Videotaped Math Solutions for STAAR Test

Amanda Rodriguez, Math Curriculum Specialist for DISD, created four web sites to help . . .

Students Can Listen to Web Text With Speak It Extension

Speak It is an amazing Chrome extension that will read web text aloud. Users can have web sites, . . .

Google Scholar
Build Google Libraries and Alerts with Google Scholar

Google Scholar ( is a great research tool for students. It allows for building a library of useful . . .

Gage Student Comprehension with GoSoapBox

"GoSoapBox is a powerful, flexible, and intuitive student response system for educators to use in their classrooms.

Keyboard Shortcuts - Your New Best Friend!

There are many keyboard shortcuts I use daily, but this is one I can't live without! How many times have you . . .

Emoji Builder
How Might You Use Emojis in Your Classroom? 

Just Google "Emojis in Education," and you may be surprised by how many results appear with such titles as . . .

Picture in a Picture for YouTube Learning

What does this mean exactly – Picture in a Picture? With all the learning we do with YouTube videos, you can now . . .

Build Interviewing and Video Recording Skills

StoryCorps’ mission is to preserve and share humanity’s stories in order to build connections between people . . .

Google is Making It Faster - .new and G-Suite 

Google is always improving and updating their products and recently they have created another time saver. 

Google Cast for Education
Educational Videos from TV & Movies to Use in Your Lessons

ClassHook is a service that helps teachers find educational clips from popular TV shows and movies.

There's a Reason You See Infographics Everywhere

Infographics are eye-catching and are very visual, whether you are viewing it on a digital page or a . . .

Google Cast for Education - Let Your Students Project Work

Google Cast for Education is a Chrome extension that simplifies the presentation process, and it lets you . . .

Tech Resources

I have collected several tech resources for your use. Many have come from previous trainings and professional development opportunities. 

If there is a tool, template, or resource you see here and would like more information or help with it, please book or email me. I look forward to assisting you!
Create digital magazines with Joomag!
Flipgrid in the Classroom
Swivls Used for Self-Reflection, Peer Feedback, and Coaching

Barber MS's intern, Callie Brown, recently used one of the district's Swivls to record herself presenting a lesson and interacting with students. Jenna McClung, one of Barber's coaches, assisted Ms. Brown in using the Swivl.

A Swivl is a robotic mount for an ipad, camera, or smartphone that comes with a remote control marker.It is designed to track and, with the video capture abilities of the other device, record videos of a moving person. It was designed to capture presentations and instruction to use for self-reflection, peer feedback, and coaching.

District teachers, coaches, and administration are encouraged to check out one of the four district Swivls to use. Just submit a helpdesk request or contact your campus technology integration specialist. For more information, visit .

Learning Revolutionized with Effectively-Integrated Technology

Kranz JH students in Blanca Huertas' classes have been using Google Classroom and differentiated lessons based on their language proficiencies. In addition, they have been receiving and completing various writing assignments using Nearpod, Duolingo, Quill, and NoRedInk while working in groups.

Nearpod is a student engagement platform that utilizes interactive lessons which can contain quizzes, polls, videos, images, drawing-boards, web content, and so on. DISD purchased this platform for students, and it is available across the district.

Duolingo is one of the most popular language-learning platforms and the most utilized free education app with more than 300 million users. It is designed to feel like a game and is scientifically proven to be effective.

Quill provides free writing and grammar activities for middle, junior high, and high school students.

NoRedInk is used for teaching writing conventions and skills which include grammar, usage, mechanics and style.

Technology, when integrated into the curriculum effectively, revolutionizes the learning process in powerful ways! Congratulations to Ms. Huertas and her students!

If I can assist you with any of your instructional technology needs, please click on YouCanBook.Me to sign-up for an available and convenient time for you!

I look forward to meeting with you to collaborate and integrate technology efficiently and effectively into your instruction.

Unless I am out of district or there is a conflicting need, my regular campus visits are as follows:

Lobit Middle School      Mondays
Barber Middle School      Tuesdays
Kranz Junior High      Wednesdays
McAdams Junior High      Thursdays
Dunbar Middle School & Technology Department      Fridays

Also, if my schedule permits, I am willing to meet with you on non-campus days as well.

Claudia Valastro

YouCanBook.Me - Claudia Valastro
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When I am on campus, I will email the staff to let you know as well as to share my 
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Top 25 EdTech Educators to Follow
Be sure to like and follow our Dickinson ISD Technology Facebook page. Here you will be able to find the latest technology happenings across our campuses and throughout our district. 

If you are using technology effectively and seamlessly in your instruction, please invite me to see and/or share with me so you can be highlighted and your colleagues can try the technology out in their classes too!

Be on the look out for your campuses, classes, and students.

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Tech TidByte eNewsletter

Tech TidByte is a regularly produced eNewsletter from the Technology Department. I encourage you to read each issue for timely tips, pointers, and recommendations.

In addition, it may be beneficial for you to create a tech folder in your email so that you can save them, or you can review them here! Just click on the Tech TidByte image you want to read.
  • September 2019

    • Chromebook Troubleshooting
    • Login Reminders: Students, Online Textbooks, etc.
    • Educational Technology Web Sites

      • Beginning of Year Computer Setup 
      • Beginning of Year Eduphoria Housekeeping
      • General Login Information
      • Educational Technology Team's websites
      August 2019 Tech Tidbyte eNewsletter
      • Summer technology projects
      • Computer backups
      • Email viruses
      • Summer workshops
      • Transfer Google files
      • EOY project
      • Novel Effect
      May 2019 Tech Tidbyte eNewsletter
    • Protecting Children's Cyber Security, SailOn web site, Speak It Chrome extension, BookCreator, and high school students' passwords.
      March 2019 Tech TidByte eNewsletter
    • Sites for parents, guardians, and teachers addressing social media and cyber safety; favorite things from TCEA 2019 which include Blabberize, 60+ Best Math Websites, and Notable Women AR App. 
      February 2019 Tech TidByte enewsletter
    • Passwords, energy shutdown, and teacher features.

      Favorite Things Highlighted:  ePortfolios, GoSoapBox, and recording videos.

      Introduced the new EdTech Team Websites.
      Tech Tidbyte eNewsletter
    • How to upload EduHero certificates, email etiquette and viruses, online textbooks, and featured teacher websites.

      Favorite Things Highlighted:  Slides Carnival, Lunapic, choice boards, and keyboard shortcuts.

      October 4, 2018 edition
    • Add a printer, update Eduphoria teams, textbook logins, favorite things:  ClassroomScreen, random name pickers, Google Classroom, AvatarMaker, and how to handle reimaging your computer.
      August 14, 2018 Tech Tidbyte e-newsletter
    • Passwords, computer backup, teacher highlights, summer tech workshops.
      May 11, 2018 Tech TidByte eNewsletter
    • Technology challenge and summer tech workshops.
      April 9, 2018 Tech TidByte eNewsletter
    • Teacher shout outs, virus tips, and information about Bit Defender.

      Favorite things Highlighted:  ClassroomScreen, AWW App, and PDF Candy.
      February 22, 2018 Tech Tidbyte e-newsletter
    • How to avoid viruses and bugs, Chromebook activities, hyperdocs, Flipgrid, and video activities.
      January 10, 2018 Tech Tidbyte e-newsletter
    • Learn about Applied Digital Skills, setting Google Chrome as your default web browser, Chromebook Unconference, setting a secure password, and BitDefender update.
      November 27, 2017 Tech Tidbyte e-newsletter
    • DISD website and Chromebook workshops, how to create email folders with rules, FastForword, Kahn Academy, and a few notes on teacher websites.
      October 19, 2017 Tech Tidbyte e-newsletter
    • Eduphoria lesson plan adjustments:  shifting, moving, and copying lesson plans, how to add members to Eduphoria team planners, online textbook information, Ren Place Star testing window, Discovery Education, Britannica Online, Gale databases, GoNoodle brain breaks, new Kahoot! features, and Chromebook management and care.
      September 2017 Tech Tidbyte e-newsletter
    • You're Here for a Reason, technology team website, beginning of year tech startup list, Windows 10 migration, how to add a printer, how to add email to your phone, DISD standardized email signature, Eduphoria updates, keyboard shortcuts, online timers, untethered teacher ideas, how to get your roster out of Skyward, random name pickers, and Class DoJo classroom management.
      August 2017 Tech Tidbyte e-newsletter
    • Windows Migration Required eCourse, and Windows 10 and Office 2016 Required eCourse, face-to-face professional development opportunities.
      May 2017 Tech TidByte eNewsletter
    • Passwords, Summer Professional Development:  Google for Beginners, Google Classroom Ninja, Tech Toolboxes, and Make Your Lessons Click.
      March 2017 Tech TidByte eNewsletter
    • DISD standardized email signaturehow to access W2s in employee access center, celebrate Digital Learning Day, iStation workshop, Google templates to use with your students, and tech tools for ELA, Math, Social Studies, and Research.
      February 1, 2017 Tech Tidbyte e-newsletter
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