My philosophy recently has been to suspend expectations. As soon as things start flowing along, change seems inevitable. With that being said, I am constantly learning to pivot and adapt. I know for many of you, technology is causing similar feelings, and I am here to help.

Feel free to reach out via a phone call, an email, by booking me on my YouCanBookMe site, or by joining my Ed. Tech. Office Hours daily from 10:00 am to noon. Together, we will get through this stronger than ever!


Caroline Lightfoot

Technology Integration Coordinator




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Tech. Updates

  • Bee a Better Googler
  • Editable PDFs
  • Flocabulary
  • Help Options
  • Student Email Etiquette
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Dickinson ISD Zoom Guidelines for Safe & Secure Distance Learning

When using Zoom, to avoid meetings being hacked, do the following…


1. Don't advertise the Zoom address using social media.  2020-03-26 17:32:39+00:00

2. Turn off sharing rights for your participants' screens and document sharing.  2020-03-26 17:32:39+00:00

3. Make sure to know how to turn off participants' videos.  2020-03-26 17:32:39+00:00

4. Disable annotations 2020-03-26 17:32:39+00:00

5. Turn off private messaging 2020-03-26 17:32:39+00:00

6. Use the waiting room feature.  2020-03-26 17:32:39+00:0

Is Your Mailbox Full?

Thanks to Elementary Technology Integration Specialist Jennifer Rushing for creating these documents!

The Tech. TidByte is a newsletter with timely information from the Technology Department. We also include some tips and ideas to try with your students, as well as trending issues from the Help Desk. 

  • opens to newsletter
    • Merry Christmas!
    • Drag & Drop Activities
    • Google Classroom Gradebooks
    • Next Semester Prep
    • Cleaning up Email
    • Backing up to Google
    • Networks
    • See how PROUD we are of you
    • Password Change November 17th
    • Eduphoria Student Testing
    • ClassLink Password Lockers
    • Phishing Buttons in Email
    • District Standardized Email Signature
    • Student Tech. Help
    • Eduphoria Planners
    • Google Drive Shared Drive Update
    • Google Classroom Pro Tip
    • Flipgrid Text Comments
      • Cybersecurity Training
      • Google Classroom Best Practices
      • Things to Know
      •  Printers
      • Cleaning Devices
      • Changes Google Drive Trash
      • ClassLink Webinars
      • Online Textbooks
      • Smore District License
      • Nearpod District License
      • Zoom Save to Google Drive File Stream
      • HELP! How to Get it. 
      • Zoom Guidelines
      • Webmail Cleanup for Full Inboxes
      • Google Classroom Cheat Sheet
      • Google Slides Templates
      • Teacher Website Cheat Sheet
      • Tech. Help for Students& Families
      • District Resources at Home
      • P Drive Access
      • Help Desk
      • Ed. Tech. Team Website Resources
      • Facebook Groups to Follow
      open link
      • Printer Clicks
      • Images Sites other than Google
      • Presentation Template Sites
      • Twitter 101
      • Password Reminders
      link to newsletter
      • KnowBe4 Security Tips on Booking Travel
      • Password Reminders
      • Tech. for the Holidays
      Link to TidByte
      • Reminder about Passwords and How To Change
      • Safe Email from
      • Care & Responsibility of District Devices
      • Technology Integration: Nearpod, Google Slides Audio, and Screencastify
      • Smart Phone Speed Tips
      • Chromebook Troubleshooting
        • Date & Time Settings
        • Updating Chrome
      • Login Reminders
        • Students
        • Online Textbooks
        • General Programs
      • Default Apps
      • Pinning & Unpinning Programs
      • Outlook Email Setup
      • Eduphoria BoY Housekeeping
      • General Login Information
      • EdTech Team Sites
      • Summer Technology Projects
      • Computer Backups
      • Email Viruses
      • Summer Workshops
      • Transfer Google Files
      • EOY Project
      • Novel Effect App

      • Protecting Children's Cyber Security
      • SAILOn Interactive, TEKS-Aligned Activities
      • Speak It
      • Book Creator
      • DHS Student Passwords
      March 2019
      • Student Social Media Sites to Watch
      • Favorite Things from TCEA Conference
      • Blabberize
      • 60+ Best Math Sites
      • Augmented Reality (AR) of Notable Women
      February 2019
      • Passwords & Energy Shutdown Tech. Tips
      • Favorite Things: ePortfolios, Go Soapbox, Screencastify
      • Teacher Feature: Mrs. Gomes (BCE), Mrs. Harmon (BMS), & Mrs. Plite (DHS)
      • Ed. Tech Websites
      • Uploading Eduhero Certificates
      • Email & Viruses
      • Online Textbooks
      • Great Teacher Websites
      • Printers
      • Forethought Teams
      • Textbook & Other Logins
      • Favorite Things:, Randome Name Pickers, Google Classroom, Avatar Maker
      • What to do if Your Computer is Reimaged
      • Summer Planning
      • Teacher Feature: HyperDocs, Google Classroom, Robots in the Classroom
      • Summer Learning
      • Professional Development
      • Teacher Feature: Interactive Reading & Listening Centers, Peer Editing, Virtual Studying in Hawaii
      • Sharing Videos with Students
      • Favorite Things from TCEA: Classroom Screen, AWW, PDF Candy
      • Viruses
      • Bitdefender
      • Your Technical Health
      • More Chromebooks
      • Project Ideas
      • If/Then Adventure Stories
      • Default Browser Settings
      • More Chromebooks!
      • Password Security
      • Teacher Websites
      • Email Folders & Rules
      • Fast ForWord
      • Khan Academy
      • Teacher Feature: Google Classroom, Plickers, and Sketch Up Pro
      • Shifting Lesson Plans due to Inclement Weather
      • Online Textbooks
      • Ren Place STAR Testing Windows
      • Great Digital Resources
      • Tech. Tips & Tricks: Go Noodle, New Kahoot!, Chromebook Care
      • Windows 10 Transition
      • Password Tricks
      • Email Signatures & Phone Settings
      • Tips & Tricks: Keyboard Shortcuts, Online Timers, Untethered Teaching
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Welcome to my Webpage, Gators!

I can still help, even when we are working from home. I am trying to keep my appointments up to date, but things are changing day-to-day. Still, feel free to schedule time with me on this site. We can still meet via Zoom and even do screenshares. 

The Ed. Tech. Team is also offering Virtual Office Hours on Wednesdays at 1:30. Click the link for more information.


Thank you, 

Caroline Lightfoot

281-229-6115 (I can also answer my office phone from home. Call me if you need me!) 


Click on my calendar to book me. My calendar will open in a new page with current dates.
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