Elementary Art
Elementary School Art Philosophy

Young children experiment enthusiastically with art materials and investigate the ideas presented to them through visual arts instruction. They exhibit a sense of joy and excitement as they make and share their art work with others.
Creation is the heart of this instruction. Students learn to work with various tools, processes and media. While learning to coordinate their hands and minds to explore the world, they learn to make choices that enhance communications of their ideas. Their natural inquisitiveness is promoted as they learn the value of perseverance.

As they move from kindergarten through the early grades, students develop skills of observation, and learn to examine the objects and events in their lives.

At the same time, they grow in their ability to describe, interpret, evaluate, and respond to works in the visual arts. Through examination of their own work and that of other people, times, and places, students learn to unravel the essence of artwork and to decide on its purpose and appraise its value. Through these efforts, students begin to understand the meaning and impact of the visual world in which they live.

The National Visual Arts Standards / Elementary Level

"Art is knowledge made visible."

Philosophy of the Art Curriculum, K - 12

Art is conscious, human expression in visual form. It has been, is and always will be the means by which each culture records, expresses and interprets the world. Art is the visual form of communication essential to the understanding of and participation in our increasingly complex, multicultural and interdependent society. Through art we learn that seeking a creative approach to life is a meaningful, significant and valued human endeavor.

The intent of the art education program in Dickinson ISD is to develop visual thinkers and encourage creative problem solving. Structured and sequential learning situations in the visual arts are an essential part of the intellectual, social and emotional growth of every child. The art curriculum is designed to develop the unique mental capabilities which foster flexible, divergent, original, fluent and imaginative thinking.

Art offers the experiences necessary to observe and to extract the essence of the physical world and to translate its components into works of art. Art is knowledge made visible. Art creates the opportunity for a child to be consistently involved in his/her own learning from the inception of the idea to its concrete realization.

Exploring the historical and cultural significance of art provides the opportunity for the students to understand and appreciate the role of the artist as a visual historian and the creator of new and original modes of perception. The art program also allows the student to discover arts interconnectedness with other disciplines. Evaluation standards are flexible and open-ended.
Elementary Art Teachers

Bay Colony Elementary

Kim White



Calder Road Elementary

Melinda Shanklin



Hughes Road Elementary

Rebecca Thomas



K.E. Little Elementary

Hayley Halford



Lobit Elementary

Ashley Garica



San Leon Elementary

Mariela Ramirez



Silbernagel Elementary

Janette Magdaleno



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